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Why Apply to MyOutdesk?


Why Apply to MyOutdesk?

MyOutdesk has grown exponentially, with about 500 Virtual Professionals all over the Philippines, and the number is still steadily growing. MyOutdesk is just one of the many online working environments that are available out there. If you search for online jobs, you will encounter all kinds of organizations looking to hire people to do a myriad of different tasks. So if you are looking to apply, why should you choose MyOutdesk over all the others?

MyOutdesk is a company that offers Real Estate Virtual Professional services to Real Estate agents in the USA and Canada. The founders of the company saw the need for quality VA’s, being in the industry themselves, and realizing that a lot of the essential documentation and transaction coordination they needed done could be handled by a virtual professional, thus giving them more time to focus on making sales, talking to clients, etc…

What sets MyOutdesk Real Estate Virtual Professionals apart from the rest?

Well, it starts with the dedicated support team set-in place whose purpose is to ensure the successful relationship between the clients and the virtual professionals.

MOD-Coaches in Philippines

There is a recruitment team that makes sure that each applicant has what it takes to be part of MyOutdesk. The training team ensures that each virtual professional will be equipped with the basic knowledge that they need, they ensure that each individual is aware of the Real Estate Industry, they teach them systems, programs and documentation widely used, basically, they give them the necessary foundation in order to get them ready to work with a client.

MyOutdesk has a unique system in place that is pretty much unheard of amongst other online organizations. They have a whole team in place for VA/Client success. These people work tirelessly to ensure that their virtual professionals and clients have a successful and long standing relationship, they are there to handle any concerns or difficulties that a virtual professional may have with their clients and vice versa. At MyOutdesk, there are dedicated people who work to ensure your success.

Apply today and be part of this unique and fulfilling work from home experience.


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