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Online Job Types

What exactly is the work of a MyOutDesk Real Estate Virtual Professional?

Aspirants can choose to apply as a General Admin Virtual Professional or an Appointment Setter. Tasks are aimed towards helping our clients’ business in the US but we get to do this just by working in the comfort of our own homes.

Once an aspirant passes the rigid application process, next would be a 5-7 day training period which covers all the basics about US Real Estate industry and all the essential skills you will need to learn in becoming a MyOutDesk Real Estate Virtual Professional.

Online Support or General AdminGeneral Admin
Virtual Professional

General Admin Virtual Professional

A General Admin Real Estate Virtual Assistant (GVA) is mainly in charge of a client’s paperwork and real estate transactions. They are also responsible for creating marketing materials, maintaining and developing their client’s social media sites, writing blogs, posting ads online, etc. These are common VA tasks but they do vary depending on the client a VA is assigned to.

online_supportAppointment Setter
Inside Sales Agents

Appointment Setter Inside Sales Agents

An Appointment Setter or Inside Sales Agents (ISA) on the other hand, is mainly responsible for calling up leads and being able to set them up for an appointment with your client. Following-up with leads and ensuring that all calls are properly documented comprise the bulk of work of an Appointment Setter, though they are also required to do some admin work as deemed necessary by the client’s business needs.

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