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MyOutDesk VP Application Form

  • Nickname * Date of Birth *
  • Type Rating
    English Written Communication
    English Verbal Communication
    Outbound Prospecting
    Appointment Setting
    Outbound Collection
    Inbound Sales
    Data Entry
    Copy Writing
    Social Media Marketing
    Web Research
    Type Rating
    Basic SEO
    Basic Graphic Design
    Project Management
    Document Processing
    Powerpoint Presentations
    Reports Creation and Analysis
    Community Management
    Email Handling
    Video and Audio Transcription
    Photo and Video Editing
    • Processor: Intel Core-i3 or equivalent
    • Memory: 4GB RAM (for both primary and back-up computers)
    • Available hard disc drive space: Atleast 1GB (for both primary and back-up computers)
    • Windows OS: Windows 7 or later
    • Mac OS: Mac OS X 10.8 or later
    • Primary Connection: Download speed 4mbps/upload speed 1mbps (DSL)
    • Back-up Connection: Download speed 4mbps/upload speed 1mbps (Broadband sticks from various internet providers and or another DSL)
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  • Things to consider
    before deciding to become a Virtual Assistant… (MOD) has been able to provide excellent service to Real Estate clients abroad by placing the right people for the job. Furthermore, since the operational hours are in different US time zones, the applicant should understand that they may be assigned to work at night. Prospective employees are expected to agree with the points listed below:

    Kindly read through and take into consideration the items listed below:

    • willing to take on tasks assigned whether calling or administrative
    • agrees to be placed into positions that will match applicant's profile based on experience, strength, tenure, and skillset
    • should secure a location conducive for work without any distractions
    • willing to work at night and have ample sleep during the day avoiding disturbances brought about by normal day-time activities
    • ensure a healthy lifestyle to maintain physical fitness to cope with the demands associated with night time work
    • guarantee presence of capable individuals (spouse, relatives, and/or guardian) who are immediately available to look after the children while at work
    • due to the nature of the schedules and work required, we highly discourage expecting mothers from submitting their application until after childbirth

    The applicant of should sign this document to confirm awareness and understanding of the aforementioned points listed above. Failure to secure these measures may void your application to

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