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MyOutdesk Conference 2012 – For VAs, By VAs

Moving in One Direction

May 26-28, 2012. The tribe has been summoned.

Moving in one direction – this is MOD CON 2012 theme for the year. This conference is also the biggest company event so far. Hundreds of MyOutdesk virtual professionals flew and rocked Boracay Island for three days.

The Tribe

Virtual assistants were divided into five (5) teams, each representing one color. Marshals were also assigned to each of the team as well. They competed for both outdoor and indoor challenges. The summer was made even hotter when VAs ran their way to the beach and stripped to complete the last challenge of filling up a basin with water. All members gave their best shot – physically and mentally. Some of the teams were just too smart for their own good, owner Jason Ramsey added. (Look at my smile there) 

Mod Con 2012 - Yellow Team

Mod Con 2012 - Red Team

The Talk

Aside from having fun, learning has been one of the most awaited parts of the conference. Speakers Stacy Sutter together with the owners Jason and Daniel Ray Ramsey Jr. definitely put up a good talk inspiring each and every virtual professional in the room.

Mod Con 2012 - Talk Stacy Sutter

Mod Con 2012 - Talk Jason Ramsey

One of the talk’s highlights was discussing what it takes to improve a service from good to great – a down to earth pragmatic committed to excellence process not just for the leaders but for the people working for them as well. All virtual professionals were encouraged to have an open communication with the management team and the owners to be able to address all the necessary concerns regarding their job and anything else that can help them love their job more.

The owners also promised more improvements from this point on. Now, the company is more than ready to move a big leap forward and create more indispensable virtual professionals. Our goal aside from that is making every virtual professional say, “I’m a virtual professional for and I love my job”.

The Party

Mod Con 2012 - Party

Mod Con 2012 - Broker's Got Bacl Up

Mod Con 2012 - Party

We work hard, but we party harder! This goes for everyone in MOD CON 2012 Victory Party. The team with the most number of points was announced together with an open bar courtesy of the owners. But for all attendees, everyone was a winner for making the event a success. Virtual assistants and their families enjoyed and celebrated the night with a bang! This conference truly marked a legend in MyOutdesk’s history. The next big event? –MODs Got Talent soon!

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