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An Industry on the Rise: The Virtual Professional


First introduced into the mass media in the late 1990’s the Virtual Professional or VA has widely become popularized in this new dawn age of technology. In a nutshell, a virtual professional is someone that works from home and completes any given task via the computer and or internet.

The typical virtual professional can have a variety of backgrounds. Skills that are sought for by employers are; administrative and executive assistant, web page design, data entry, office manager, real estate services and transaction coordinators just to name a few.

Virtual assistants can be either self employed and work on their own, or they can work for a virtual professional placement agency. This is an agency in which they work for and the agency will then do the placing for them. One such agency for example, is

This California based company has taken virtual professional services to another level. Compared to other placement agencies, takes out the frustration, concern and time needed for the employer when choosing the right VA. As always having a large pool of highly qualified virtual professionals ready to be placed, does the hiring, training and monitoring of virtual professionals once they are placed to a business. This smooth process flow lets the employer focus on becoming more efficient, increase their workload and improve their bottom line.

The VA industry is becoming more and more popular these days and is sure to continue that way. There are a variety of reasons why the VA can outshine a regular employee but these are those most commonly stated from employers.

  • High level of skill and or education
  • Cheaper than hiring a regular employee
  • No need to provide office space
  • Communication and accountability are instant

In addition, this is a two way street. Not only is the employer content but the virtual professional also comes out ahead as well. These are some reasons most commonly stated by virtual professionals of why this is a great new industry to work in.

  • Work from home
  • Higher pay
  • Challenging
  • Able to spend time with family
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